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Real Life Experience

We at RLX advise you to combine the African wildlife with African culture. To build upon the previously listed wildlife adventures, we recommend you to add one or multiple of the following trips to your journey to experience the full African culture.


 Please feel free to reach out at so we can customize your very own journey with us or schedule a telephone call.


This allows us to incorporate externalities such as weather and current status of the animal migration as they vary greatly throughout the year. Together with your expert advisor Lena we can customize your very own adventure based on your budget, time and personal preferences.  

Chaga Culture

Visit the Chaga Tribe

The Chaga are the third largest tribe in Tanzania and live at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Explore the symbiosis of coffee plants, banana trees and yam roots. Get motivated by chanting and dancing Chagas while making your own coffee. Refresh yourself with a local banana beer and enjoy local fruits such as avocados, papayas and passion fruits.

Chaga Culture

Masai Culture

Visit the Masai Tribe

Take a day to explore the famous Masai tribe.

The Masai are one of over 120 tribes in Tanzania and are nomadic, meaning they follow the green grass on which their herds can graze on.

Take part in a breathtaking Masai dance, take a look into a Masai boma and listen to their stories over a crackling bonfire.

Masai Culture

Hadzabe Bushmen Culture

Visit the Hadzabe Bushmen Tribe

The Hadzabe Bushman have kept the same way of living for over a thousand years.

Dive into the Bushman culture and see with your own eyes how the Bushman can live in the Baobab tree, make fire with their own hands and build arrows for their next hunt.


Social Project

Visit one or more Social Projects

Go beyond the average touristic travel experience by exploring local social projects in the vicinity such as African schools and orphanages in both of which a better tomorrow is being created.

Social Project

Nature Walk

Sunrise or Sundown Walk

A nature walk through the African wilderness will give you time to reflect on your daily experiences. Get up early and experience the African sunrise or take a moment for yourself and gaze at the mesmerizing African sunset.

Watch your surroundings closely as giraffes and zebras are likely to cross your path!

Nature Walk

Local Market Visit

Experience Daily Life

Experience the colorful local markets and negotiate the price for locally grown products such as bananas, coconuts, avocados and mangos.


See how the locals sell their livestock at the animal market or buy a real African hunting knife.

Local Market

Local Cooking Session

Experience Daily Life

Expand your cooking skills by attending a real African cooking session.

Prepare dishes such as the spicy rice-based Pilau dish, cook your own banana stew, learn how to cook the traditional national dish Ugali or grill a fresh fish from the Victoria Lake under an African banana tree.

Local Cooking

Local Church Visit

Experience Local Life

The church plays an important role in African life. Dive deeper into the African culture by visiting a local church to experience a cheerful African sermon.

Let yourself be captivated by the chants and take part in the rhythmic dance rituals.

Local Church

Waterfalls, Coffee Tour, and Hot Springs

Visit the vibrant Moshi Area

Take a day to explore the green landscape at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Create your own coffee amidst singing Chaga.


Walk with us to the waterfalls and refresh yourself with a swim in the hot springs.

Waterfall Tour


Visit a Museum or a Mining Pit

Tanzania is the only place in the world where you can find the precious Tanzanite.


Take a day to visit the Tanzanite Museum with a wide range of Tanzanite products or slip into the shoes of a mine worker and search for Tanzanite in a real Tanzanite mining pit.

Tanzanite Museum
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