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Great Migration Safari

The great migration takes place throughout the whole year with vast animal herds traveling from the South of Tanzania all the way up to Kenya in a circular route.
The herds are moving constantly, which is why we recommend you to read the description of the great migration and decide what you would like to see on your trip. Please contact us to customize it based on the migration seasonality.


January, February, and March

South of Serengeti

April and May

West and North of Serengeti


North of Serengeti


Grumeti River

August until November

Mara River


Center of Serengeti

During the first three months of the year, the majority of the animals stay in the South of Serengeti to graze on the greenlands which remain from the rain season. This is the best time to catch a glimpse on the newborn calves of the wildebeests and Zebras.

During April and May the herds move West and North with roads being particularly rough due to the heavy rain. 

During June, the wildebeests and Zebras start moving North with the mating season taking place.

In July, the herds cross the Grumeti River with crocodiles and other dangerous reptiles lurking. The herd crossing the Grumeti river remains one of the most spectacular events in the great migration, attracting huge numbers of tourists.​

After successfully crossing Grumeti River, the remaining herd crosses Mara river during August up until November.

In December, the animal herds return to the Center of Serengeti.

You want to get an offer, check availability, customize the trip, or need additional information?! Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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