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Balloon Safari

The Serengeti.
14,763 km² of African savannah stretching as far as the eye can see. 

A Balloon Safari is an extraordinary experience to explore the wildlife from a bird's eye-view. 
Just imagine floating above the Serengeti plains, skimmking treetops in the complete silence whilst seeing wildlife on the ground below.

This is an essential Safari Experience for travellers to Serengeti National Park. 

RLX Real Life Experience & Serengeti Balloon Safaris can make your Once in a Lifetime Experience happen. 

Goosebumps & complete Happiness are guaranteed.

Balloon Safari

Champagne in the Sky and Wildlife

Early morning you will get picked up for your once in a lifetime experience with flying over the famous Serengeti.

You will start the Balloon Ride with the sunrise and fly approximately 2 hours over the African Savanna. After your Balloon Ride, you will join a unique Bushbreakfast with a delicious breakfast in the middle of Serengeti and sip a glass of Champagne to celebrate your unforgettable experience. .

Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Rides | Balloon Safaris

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