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Round off your African experience by a stay at a luxurious hotel at one of the many beautiful beaches in Tanzania. Get in touch with us so we can find the location that meets all your personal expectations and create your unique beach holiday.

Beach Holiday

Zanzibar Island

Stone Town, House of Wonders, Spices, Dolphines, Beach

Zanzibar is a semi-autonomous island off the coast of Tanzania consisting of Zanzibar Island, Pemba Island and many smaller islands.

Due to its many tourist attractions, Zanzibar Island remains one of the most popular travel destinations in Africa. Most known for the famous white sand beaches especially in the North and South of the island, Zanzibar has far more to offer: Explore the local agriculture by participating in a Spice tour, join a delphine tour or get to know more about the abundant history of Zanzibar in Stone Town which has been the center for African slave trade for many centuries.


Get in touch with us now to plan your stay on Zanzibar Island!

Pemba Island

Africa's Diving Juwel

Pemba Island is Zanzibar Island’s less frequented brother with significantly lower amounts of tourism.


It is one of the diving jewels of Africa with beautiful plate coral gardens on the west coast, During July and August the annual whale migration leads humpback whales past the Eastern coast of Pemba Island.


Get in touch with us now to plan your stay on Pemba Island!

Tanga City

Sail City

Tanga which translates into “sail” in the local language is located close to the Kenyan border in Northern Tanzania.

Placed right next to the Indian ocean, it remains a hidden gem of Tanzania with significantly lower tourism offering a variety of opportunities for private getaways.

Nearby tourist attractions include Amboni Caves, Galanos hot springs, Saadani National Park,Tongoni Ruins, Mwarongo sand beaches and the protected coastal mangroves.


Get in touch with us now to plan your stay in Tanga city!

You want to get an offer, check availability, customize the trip, or need additional information?! Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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